United States Postal Workers are among the most likely Americans to develop carpal tunnel syndrome.

The symptoms below are commonly the first signs of carpal tunnel diagnosis:

How do you diagnose carpal tunnel syndrome?

In the past carpal tunnel syndrome diagnosis before treatment often required an uncomfortable study called an EMG or electromyogram. However here at primary care we are for the latest and most advanced techniques and equipment for diagnosing carpal tunnel syndrome! How are board certified specialists have specialty training and scan more patience for carpal tunnel than anyone else in the state of Oklahoma. Our three minute painless exam utilizing state of the art high frequency ultrasound technology allows us to look inside your wrist and visualize the carpal tunnel directly. We are then able to perform highly accurate diagnostic measurements of the nerves and structure is responsible for causing carpal tunnel syndrome. Unlike older methods that utilize needles and electrical shocks which can be painful,  our technique for carpal tunnel symptom evaluation are completely painless and reliable. You will know immediately whether you have carpal tunnel syndrome so that you can work on getting relief from the discomfort in your hands and wrists.


How can you treat carpal tunnel syndrome?

What do I do next to get my hand and wrist examined by an expert?