Car Accident Doctor Injury Clinic

Car and auto accidents are unavoidable. No matter your driving record, auto accidents and injuries happen to all of us. In fact, you may even be a pedestrian or bicyclist. The U.S. had more than 2.74 million auto injury accidents in 2019 alone! Nevertheless, a qualified car accident doctor and auto accident clinic is ready to help you.  Many emotions come with car and auto accidents. This includes sadness, fear, anger, physical and emotional pain. It is difficult to know what to do or who to call. Always remember your health is the top priority. Any chance of injury or accident? Go to the nearest emergency room. After this, see an auto accident clinic with experienced medical doctors. 

Auto accident injuries

Auto accidents and medical injuries take a toll on everyone involved. Oklahoma reported over 22,000 injury auto accidents in 2019 alone. Insurance disputes, citations, and monetary losses can add to the medical burden. What is one way to reduce your stress? Find a trusted car accident doctor and auto accident clinic like Prime Injury Care in Oklahoma City. 

Emergency room care for car accidents

The emergency room does a great job of stabilizing your auto accident injury. However, they have a limited ability to provide comprehensive care. You must remember that medical care for auto accidents is complex. It cannot be completed in one day. It requires long-term follow-up once discharged. This can help avoid long-term health consequences and wage losses. 

Delayed injury care

Never made it to the emergency room after your car wreck? No need to worry. There are many misconceptions about emergency rooms and auto accidents. The reality is that not all car accident injuries result in an emergency room visit. This doesn’t mean that personal injury didn’t occur. You can always visit a car accident doctor, no matter the timeline In fact, some auto and accident injuries may not be noticed right away. For example, muscle strains and ligament sprains may take time for a patient to feel. Vertebral compression fractures may be missed on initial imaging. Also, your hectic life or personal financial situation may not permit an ER visit. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t receive a proper medical evaluation. The sooner you schedule an appointment, the sooner your condition can be diagnosed and treated. 

Specialized auto accident professionals

Most doctors specialize in one particular area. However, a single auto accident can cause problems to several body parts. Additionally, injury to a specific area (i.e. low back pain) may benefit from treatment from different medical professionals. What if you could see specialized medical professionals in one single place? This is the benefit of auto accident injury clinics like Prime Injury. Specifically, these experts have gone through decades of medical training. They practice treatments that work and avoid those that don’t. Your visit may start with a physical exam and imaging. Next, chiropractic care, physical therapy, medications, and injections may be offered. Most important is our mission to keep the patient at the center of all care.

Schedule an appointment: What’s next?

So you scheduled an appointment with an auto accident clinic. What should you expect? The medical team will conduct a detailed history to learn what happened. Different types of car or auto accidents cause different injury types. For example, passenger location and direction of travel are important for T-bone accidents. Were you hit from behind? This may explain your neck pain and prompt the doctor to look for vertebral fractures. Did you have a seat belt on at the time of the car wreck? Although a life-saving device, this may explain internal pain or injury not visible from the outside. 

Making the diagnosis 

Have you been to multiple doctors who can’t agree on your diagnosis? A common occurrence, this can be frustrating for patients. Not having answers for your symptoms is distressing. A proper diagnosis the first time avoids this situation and allows for earlier treatment. Sometimes, making the right diagnosis that explains your symptoms is the hardest part. This is why you must visit a car accident doctor with experience in auto injuries. 

Coordinating Care 

Coordination of your medical care is also very important. Car wrecks can result in personal injury that requires different types of specialists. Has your mobility or strength decreased since your emergency room visit? Our physical therapy and chiropractic care are here for you. Stiff joints or back pain that started after the auto accident? Our spine and joint specialists can use injections to relieve your pain immediately. What sets us apart? All these medical professionals are working together under the same roof. They all have one goal in mind: the patient. 

Importance of Communication 

Communication, communication, communication. Not only is it important in relationships but also in auto accident injury care. Clear and concise information should be provided by your medical team. Perhaps even more important, your different medical professionals must talk with each other!  Are you frustrating by medical record requests and authorizations? How aggravating is it to wait on insurance referrals? Or appointment spots that are months away? How annoying is it for your doctor to forget your personal injury story? This is not the case when using an auto accident clinic with experienced professionals. All members of our team practice in the same place with the same electronic medical record. This means that all medical professionals are always on the same page.

Summary of car accident doctor clinic

Auto accidents and injuries should be handled by a dedicated auto accident clinic. Personal injury from car wrecks or accidents are very common. While you cannot avoid them, you can take small steps to plan ahead. Always go to the emergency room if you feel injured or hurt. Your health is the top priority. Once discharged, see a car accident doctor if symptoms change or worsen. Avoid the hassles of different medical offices and subpar communication. Schedule your appointment today!  References