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New Advanced Imaging for Neck Injuries in Oklahoma

Neck pain after an accident is an all too common injury occurrence in Oklahoma. For most patients, it is essential to have an evaluation with a physician specialized in treating


Car accident headache

Car accident headaches cause severe head pain, disability, and decreased quality of life.


Common Car Accident Injuries

In 2019, the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety reported a car accident every 7.2 minutes. This resulted in 91 people every day suffering a car accident injury.


Car Accident Doctor Injury Clinic

Car and auto accidents are unavoidable. No matter your driving record, auto accidents and injuries happen to all of us. In fact, you may even


Back Injury Accidents: Common but Treatable

Back injury accidents are very common medical conditions.  Car and auto accidents account for almost half of all spinal injuries.  Regardless of your age,


Whiplash Injury Car Accident

Your health care provider will ask questions about the event along with your symptoms.   You could also be asked questions that help your doctor