Crucial Steps to Take After a Car Accident: Protect Your Rights

5 Steps After an Accident

At Prime Injury Care, our team has seen thousands of individuals who have been involved in automobile accidents. Unfortunately, many of these individuals make crucial mistakes in the aftermath of the accident that can negatively impact their ability to receive fair compensation for their injuries and damages. In this article, we will outline the five […]

New Advanced Imaging for Neck Injuries in Oklahoma

Neck Injury Imaging – Revolutionary New Technology Neck pain after an accident is an all too common injury occurrence in Oklahoma. For most patients, it is essential to have an evaluation with a physician specialized in treating spine conditions to identify the specific neck or cervical injury. Unfortunately, simple X-rays, CAT Scans, and even MRIs […]

Car accident headache

Car accident headache

Introduction  Car accident headaches cause severe head pain, disability, and decreased quality of life. Falls and car crashes are the top two causes of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) requiring hospitalization. Specifically, according to the CDC, motor vehicle accidents caused 20% of all 2014 TBI hospitalizations. Head trauma may be due to steering wheel impact, airbag […]

Whiplash Injury Clinic Treatment Information for Oklahomans

Whiplash injury clinic treatment

Whiplash Injury Clinic Treatment Introduction    In this article, I provide information about seeking whiplash injury clinic treatment following an automobile accident. Initially, background information and definitions of whiplash that occurs as a result of an accident will be provided.    Oklahoma’s cities and towns are becoming more crowded and roads are becoming more congested. […]

Common Car Accident Injuries

Common car accident injuries in Oklahoma

Common Injuries Seen in Car Crashes In 2019, the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety reported a car accident every 7.2 minutes. This resulted in 91 people every day suffering a car accident injury. The severity and type of injury depend on multiple factors, including vehicle speed, seat belts, and airbag deployment. Also, the kind of […]

Car Accident Doctor Injury Clinic

Car accident doctor injury clinic

Car and auto accidents are unavoidable. No matter your driving record, auto accidents and injuries happen to all of us. In fact, you may even be a pedestrian or bicyclist. The U.S. had more than 2.74 million auto injury accidents in 2019 alone! Nevertheless, a qualified car accident doctor and auto accident clinic is ready […]

Car Accident Physical Therapy: Keys to Injury Recovery Treatment

car accident physical therapy

How Car Accident Physical Therapy is Key to Auto Injury Treatment On average, there are more than 16,000 car accidents every day in the United States, leading to injury and disability. If the tissue damage sustained in a car crash is not diagnosed and appropriately treated with physical therapy after car accidents, there is an […]

Car Accident Injuries: Bone Jarring Truths You Should Know!

car accident injury care and treatment in Oklahoma

This article will explain the impact of car accident injury forces, in terms of an equivalent fall from a building. Hang on; you will be shocked at what this means for those injured in an accident! Depending on the type of structure, the average building or house measures approximately 10 to 14 feet per story. […]

Back Injury Accidents: Common but Treatable

back injury accident in oklahoma

Back injury accidents are very common medical conditions.  Car and auto accidents account for almost half of all spinal injuries.  Regardless of your age, ethnicity, health, or fitness, back injuries are a widespread occurrence and can impact your daily life without treatment.   “Back pain” or “back injury” is a vague term that can mean many things. […]

Whiplash Injury Car Accident

Whiplash Injury Guide for Oklahoma

Whiplash Injury Car Accident Diagnosis  Your health care provider will ask questions about the event along with your symptoms.   You could also be asked questions that help your doctor know just how severe your symptoms are and how frequently they happen.  Your health care provider will also need to understand whether it is possible […]