New Advanced Imaging for Neck Injuries in Oklahoma

Neck Injury Imaging – Revolutionary New Technology

Neck pain after an accident is an all too common injury occurrence in Oklahoma. For most patients, it is essential to have an evaluation with a physician specialized in treating spine conditions to identify the specific neck or cervical injury. Unfortunately, simple X-rays, CAT Scans, and even MRIs mislead people into believing they have not sustained a recognizable injury to the cervical spine or neck. A new advanced Videofluoroscopy imaging system is changing all of this for patients with neck injuries in Oklahoma. This state-of-the-art digital motion X-ray system is exclusively available in Central Oklahoma from our Prime Injury Care Clinics located in Oklahoma City. 

Oklahoma’s Leading Neck Injury Specialists

As Oklahoma’s most advanced injury care network, Prime Injury Care is committed to bringing our patients the latest technology, diagnostics, and treatment modalities. Providing the only digital motion X-ray facility in Central Oklahoma continues our track record of outstanding care. Our leading spine and joint injury doctors produce accurate real-time video X-rays that provide objective measurements and data to evaluate your neck injury and whiplash symptoms. Many neck injuries can only be identified using this very specialized X-ray technology.

Cutting Edge Neck Injury Imaging

In 2020, a new medical research study demonstrated the unique value of cervical spine Videofluoroscopy and digital motion X-ray in identifying neck instability, neck injury, whiplash injuries, and cervical ligament damage. The high diagnostic accuracy of this imaging technique in patients suffering whiplash pain and neck injury was impressive.

Read more about the Diagnostic Accuracy of Videofluoroscopy for whiplash injuries by clicking on this medical research article link.

Find Whiplash Injury Causes

The most common injury suffered by accident care patients is whiplash. Our spine injury specialists can provide patients suffering whiplash symptoms with an opportunity to have a video motion X-ray performed to document their injuries. Given this one-of-a-kind technology, Prime Injury Care is often able to confirm the root cause of your neck injury symptoms.   

What to Expect with Neck Digital Motion X-ray in Oklahoma

Once you arrive and check-in at our state-of-the-art Prime Injury Clinic, your spine and joint injury specialist provider will review your medical history, mechanism of injury, and discuss your neck injury symptoms. Then, a physical examination is performed and is focused on your nervous system, spine, ligaments, joints, and tender areas. Following your evaluation, it may be recommended to have the Videofluoroscopy digital motion X-ray of your cervical spine. The X-ray does not cause pain beyond what you may be experiencing during regular movements due to neck injury. Once the specialized cervical motion X-ray is completed, you will receive a digital copy of the study. Finally, a digital X-ray specialist will perform a “read” of your study, which involves making specific measurements of how your neck bones move relative to one another. A detailed report is then produced and shared with your Prime Injury Care team and anyone else you authorize to receive the information, such as your attorney.

Neck Injury Treatment Options After Cervical Motion X-ray

Once your evaluation is completed, your Prime Injury Care spine treatment specialists in Oklahoma will develop your treatment plan based on your comprehensive evaluation and imaging. Often, we can provide significant improvement using treatments such as physical therapy either alone or in combination with specific surgery-free neck interventions. Our highly-trained physicians offer the most advanced non-surgical treatment options available for those suffering neck injuries and whiplash symptoms in Oklahoma. 

In conclusion, it is always a good idea to have a neck specialist evaluate you following a significant injury. Videofluoroscopy and digital motion X-ray is the only imaging technique available to find many types of neck problems suffered in whiplash cases. Our specialist spine & joint physicians and clinicians are experienced in helping you find the source of your pain or injury. If you have suffered a painful neck injury, don’t wait to get evaluated with Oklahoma City’s only cervical digital motion X-ray source.

We look forward to providing you with the neck injury care you deserve!